18 Words You Should Never Search On Google

Google is a very famous website with number 1 Alexa global rank. Any time we tend to make a research or find meaning to words, Google is the first thing that comes to our mind, no doubt about that. But there are things we should never Google, surprised?

Whenever someone tells me not to visit a site, i immediately do it without fear regardless the explicit warnings against visiting such website. You might say i am stubborn lol but that is the truth. I know there are people who will still google these words to find out what they are and even view the images.

Seriously, there are things you shouldn’t type into Google’s search box. I can’t stop you if you try but i won’t be responsible for your subsequent discomfort after-which.

I will be listing 18 words you should never search on Google, knowing fully well that some of you are going to Google them. Though some of you might find them not scary or irritating. We are humans and we are all different. With that being said, let’s move on.

18 words never to search on Google

1. Clock spider

2. Bedbugs on Mattress

3. Wet koala

4. Tetris Fantic

5. Lazy sundays

6. Blue Waffle

7. Tub Girl

8. Fournier

9. Meatspin

10. Two Girls One cup

11. Cake farts

12. Skeleton in the closet

13. Google pewdiepie

14. Lemon party

15. Mr.Hands

16. Bees covers Man

17. Bosta

18. Mouth larva

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