2 Powerful Psalms You Should Say Before Going To Bed Every Night

The Holy Bible has divided the prayers that the believers should say during different times such as during the morning hours, bedtime, during meals among other times. Interestingly, as the core aim of this piece, we will be revealing two Psalms that every believer should say before going to bed.

Psalms 27

Lord, you are my light and my salvation; who can I fear? My life is safe with the Lord, so I will not fear! People can harm me. They can try to kill me. My adversaries will assault and try to kill me, but they will fail. I will not be terrified if an army surrounds me.

I will trust in Jehovah even if attacked in combat. I simply ask one thing of God. What I want most is to live forever in the Lord’s house, surrounded by His splendor and spending time in His kingdom. He will defend me in peril. His tent will hide me. He will lead me to safety.

Psalms 91

This Psalms talks about protection. Every believer should always make an effort to say this daily. There are different forms of protection such as disease, accidents, among others that we need to ask the Almighty to provide. Below is a summary of these Psalms.

You can hide in the Highest Good. You might seek refuge in Almighty God. “You are my refuge and my fortress, My God,” I murmured to the Lord. God will protect you from unseen threats.


You can seek his protection. He will cover you like a bird covering its chicks. You may trust him to shield you from harm. No need to fear hostile arrows at night or enemy arrows during the day. You will no longer fear sicknesses that come at night or horrible anguish throughout the day.

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