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4 Signs That Show You Are Spiritually Gifted

Every body have different talents even identical twins, People who have spiritual gifts are always unique. They are special and sometimes such people may not be aware of their gift until it manifest. Some use to encounter different strange signs but they don’t know the meaning or the reason why such thing happens to them.

In this article we will be discussing the signs that you can use to know if you are spiritually gifted or not. If you have been encountering signs and you don’t know their meaning then go through this article and understand the signs better.

 spiritual gifts
1. If your visions always turn to reality. If you see vision, it’s a sign of supernatural gift. Vision could appear repeatedly in form of pictures to your mind or as a dream. If your visions are coming to fulfillment that is a sign that you are spiritually gifted.

2. If people that are thought to be insane come to you always. These group of individuals are elites, but unknown to people and as a result ,they are mistaken as being insane. They just need to be guided by strong, wise and powerful person.

 spiritual gifts

3. If you always wake up between 1am to 3am every morning, you have to try and pray at that hour to get message from heaven because that hour is believed to be the hour which darkness functions.

4 if you have confidence in your intuition it’s a sign that you are spiritually gifted.

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