5 Countries Around The World That Pays Foreign Men a Great Fortune To Marry Their Women

There are countries around the world that find it difficult for men to locate their women and marry them despite how beautiful the women seems to be.

World statistics show that the world population is indeed growing, but the growth of the female population is significantly higher than that of the male population.

5 Countries Around The World That Pays Foreign Men To Marry Their Women

In fact, this imbalance between men and women exists more strongly in some countries than in others, where men are in high demand and women will stop at nothing to attract a male partner.

That’s not all, even these countries are willing to pay a fortune if you agree to marry their women!

1. Italy

Italy, a country of love and romance, is also known for its rich culture and cuisine.

As we all know, this beautiful country has a very small and uneven population with a higher proportion of women than men.

The reason behind this imbalance is that married women there completely reject the idea of ​​having multiple children.

Bormida, an Italian village in northwestern Italy, has come up with a plan to offer around 2,000 euros to anyone willing to move there to settle and marry one of the Italian women.

If the idea sounds cool, then, all you need is pack your bags and go!

2. Portugal

Did you know that 70% of the Portuguese population are women? In fact, gender ratios vary by group and location.

Portuguese also do not have many children, which leads to the problem of population imbalance.

So if you’ve ever considered settling down with the Portuguese, well, look no further! Portuguese women are not only beautiful, but also strong and reliable!

3. Armenia

Armenia’s male population has dwindled recently due to many different factors, one of which is the war to which Armenia lost a large number of men.

However, the female population is increasing.

Different researchers and studies on this issue show that 60% of the Armenian population is female.

Armenian women, without exception, work inside and outside the house and contribute to the development of their land.

Due to the small number of men in Armenia, it is common for married men to have illegal relationships with many other women.

4. Russia

Statistics continue to show an imbalance between men and women in Russia.

Things don’t seem to be getting better! According to the Metro newspaper, every 1,000 men equals 1,160 women. So, you can see the difference!

It is true that most Russian women have indeed left their country and settled in different corners of the world, and the gap between men and women remains large.

5. Estonia

Not much different from Russia, Estonia has a female population of 53%.

The leather on this island is for all the women who happily spend their lives playing music and doing their day jobs.

However, you rarely see men walking on this island as there are only a few and they are busy fishing on the water.

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