5 Modern Astonishing Technologies That Will Simply Blow Your Mind

In a world where technologies is the leading core a lot is expected.

The rate at which technology evolves makes it difficult to keep up with the latest technology, and also easy for technologies to become obsolete.

In this article I will share with you 5 amazing technologies that will blow your mind.

1. Computerized Lenses

Have you ever watched James Bond movies or Mission Impossible, where a technology created by Sony converts ordinary lense to a spy lense. The name of this technology is called Smart-glass.

Google Glass was actually the first to venture out into smart glasses, but some other companies picked up where they left off.

The Vuzix M300 is a type of smart-eye-glass created by Sony with advanced technology. This lens is built with Wi-Fi, 23-megapixel camera, enabled to video and record everything you see.

How it works is that the lens is placed like a contact lens in the eye and it virtually records everything you see. It has blinking technology that allows you to zoom.

The technology can differentiate between blinks and voluntary movements, and can revolutionize how we live our daily lives, with this technology we can relive every moment we see and can store visual memories electronically.


2. Hover Bike

This is a bike created to fly, just as we see in Sci-fi movies like star wars. The bike actually hovers above ground for up to 10 feet, and can carry two people. It has a speed up to 45 miles per hour, and can be flown over any surface.

The creators made it feel like you are driving an actual motorbike, so it isn’t like learning how to fly a helicopter or anything.

This bike has not been approved for commercial use yet; it is available for private use only. Users are not yet allowed to use on highways yet, it means it can be used on the road but not on highways.

3. Wearable Touch Screen

There are times when phone users are not advised to use their phone; an example is when driving or while walking on the street. Realizing this, some group of inventors came together to create this technology.

The bracelet projects the screen of your device on your screen content on their arm and the users can interact with the screen casted on their arm as they do with their phone screen.

The Cicret Bracelet comes with a memory card, USB port, Bluetooth capability, and Wi-Fi. It is completely waterproof, and perfect for those times when you’re checking your messages while in the bath.

4. Password Pill To Unlock Your Devices

We understand that security is crucial when it comes to phones and computers. Users use passwords of various kinds to protect their electronic devices. Most times the challenges most users encounter with password is not the selection of password rather, remembering them.

In an effort to add a little more convenience to daily life, Motorola had to develop an electronic pill. This pill contains a tiny chip that is soaked into the digestive fluids, and the electrolyte stomach powers up an “18-bit, EKG-like signal from your insides.”

The body becomes an authenticator, and then can be synced up to unlock all your digital devices.

This has already been given green light, and deemed safe to be taken thirty times a day by FDA (The Food and Drug Administration ).

However, the pill only needs to be taken once a day to remain effective. So no one will be able to hack your phone.

5. Flying Car

Just as we see In “The Jetson’ and  Astro” movie, where people drive flying cars, everyone went off to work with it. This technology has finally manifested itself in reality.A Massachusetts-based aerospace company called Terrafugia has come up with the next best thing we could ever imagine. The name of the technology is the TF-X, a four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that has mastered the ability for vertical takeoffs and landings. It can take off anywhere, like a helicopter, and doesn’t need to land at an airport.

It has an automatic system that can take off and land the vehicle all on its own. The driver

can take over manual controls at any time, and the shape of its design allows it to fit in a standard garage.

Apart from the fact that it flies, it can also be driven like a car, with wings that fold inward when not in use. It has automated and manual control.

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