7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Since the beginning of time, man has made formidable constructions, among all of them there was a selection of wonders that they called “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”, these were: 

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Built around year 2570. C., was built for Pharaoh Cheops. Located in Giza, Egypt is the only wonder that is still standing.

2. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Built between 605 a. C-562 BC. C Located in the city of Babylon, current Iraq.

3. The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (current Turkey).

Also known as Artemision, it was built around 550 BC. C.

4. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia.

Carved around 430 BC. C. by Phidias. Located inside the temple dedicated to Zeus himself in Olympia, Greece.

5. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Built around 353 BC. C. and located in the Greek city of Halicarnassus, current Bodrum (Turkey).

6. The Colossus of Rhodes.

Built between 294 a. C. and 282 a. C. Located at the entrance to the port of the city of Rhodes on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

7. The Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Built between 285 a. C. and 247 a. C. on the island of Pharos, in Alexandria (Egypt).

More recently, “The Seven Wonders of the Modern World” was chosen by popular vote.

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