Dangers of Having Cockroaches In Our House

Cockroaches do not bite our skin as mosquitoes do.

That’s why some people don’t think it’s dangerous to our health whenever they see them at home.

We kill mosquitoes immediately when we see them flying around, but give little or no concern when we see cockroaches in the kitchen.

They are found in almost any house around the world, except in extremely cold areas.

However, cockroaches are dangerous to our health because they are carriers of bacteria, so we must be careful.

According to Healthline, cockroaches are dangerous to your health in the following ways:

Dangers of Having Cockroach In Our House

1. They can cause allergies and asthma when you live with them in a room for some time.

The saliva, eggs, and excretory products of cockroaches contain some complex chemicals that can cause hypersensitivity reactions in some people.

This can easily affect children when they are exposed to it.

2. They carry bacteria, and if they walk on food, they infect the food with the bacteria.

It can damage our health, especially if we eat the food without washing or cooking it.

Cockroaches act in opposition to anything that is hygiene-related in an environment.

They can contaminate the surfaces of plates, food cutleries, cups, and canned drinks.

3. The world health organization has warned that this insect can infect humans with diseases that can damage their intestines.

Such diseases are typhoid fever, cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery.

We have to ensure that we kill all the cockroaches in our houses.

4. Cockroaches can stain your clothes with their saliva and destroy the panels of your electrical equipment when they enter them.

They usually hide inside wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, or holes in the wall and lay their eggs there.

You can take them out by spraying insecticides into their hiding places and stopping leaving food waste anywhere in the house.

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