For Women: 4 Basic Things You Should Know About a Man Before Saying I Do

For Women: 4 Basic Things You Should Know About a Man Before Saying I Do

Most Women get too excited when saying I do, thereby forgetting some essential problems they need to iron first.

Most times, one of the reasons why some single ladies end up feeling much pains when their relationship with their boyfriends end in breakup is because of the high level of commitment they put into the men and the relationship.

In other words, the lesser the commitment, the lesser the disappointment and pains when a relationship abruptly come to an end.

One of the mistakes that some ladies make is ignoring basic information about the man they are having an affair with and getting  to say I do to him without taking precautionary measures.

The importance of a lady knowing some vital information about a man she is in a dating relationship with cannot be overemphasized, because it will make her not to be committed to the wrong man, as well as give her some level of security in the process. Among others, as a lady, you should be familiar with the following information about any man before putting in your commitment:

1. His family compound.

Your commitment to a man should be determined by his commitment towards you.

A man who is committed to you that have you in his future plans would show you all his “cards”, including his family compound.

Except he lives in abroad, ask him to take you to his father compound.

This will enable you to know where to go to in case of any necessity or eventuality.

2. Some of his family members and friends.

Even if you won’t know all his family members, you should at least know some of his siblings (if he has any), his parents (if they are still alive) as well as some of his friends.

A man who mean well for you and also proud to have you in his life will be glad to introduce you to some of the aforementioned people.

In addition, you can also have the phone contact of some of those people, so that you can know who to teach out to when the need arises.


3. Where he lives.

As funny as this may sound, some ladies may not know the exact place where the men they are dating lives, because they only meet in hotels and eateries whenever they want to spend time together.

That is dangerous, because if anything unpleasant happens in the relationship, you won’t be able to trace him to any specific place.

Get to know the exact place he lives even if you live in different locations.

4. Where he works and the nature of his job/business.

This is also very important, considering the rate at which some men get into illegal and diabolical means to get money these days.

Not knowing the nature of his job and the physical location of his business or job can be very dangerous and risky for you as a lady, because you won’t be spared if peradventure he is into “unhealthy” occupation.

For safety reasons, reserve your commitment to a man until you know the aforementioned things about him.



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