Ice Cream Seller Miraculously Blessed with Five Thousand Naira After Singing Birthday Song to a stranger.

A young Nigerian man made the day of an ice cream seller with an unexpected gesture he showed him

The Nigerian had stepped out that day which happened to be his birthday to gift N5k to anyone who’d sing for him

His efforts were unsuccessful until an ice cream seller picked up the challenge, sang for the celebrant got the reward

An ice cream seller was overwhelmed with emotions as a Nigerian man stunned him with a kind deed.

The Nigerian man blessed the ice cream seller with N5k cash for attempting to sing him a birthday song and then praying for him.

Young man gifts ice cream seller N5k for singing a birthday song for him

The vendor showered the kind man a heartfelt prayer.

A video capturing the sweet incident was shared by the Nigerian, a content creator, on his Instagram page.

At the start of the video, the young man said he’d gift N5k to anyone who could sing him a birthday song – a challenge he embarked on his birthday.

He was successful at the third attempt

He recorded no success with an elderly man and a young lady he accosted until the ice cream seller.

After singing the first line of the popular birthday song, the ice cream seller prayed for the celebrant.

For his effort, the celebrant rewarded him with N5k, much to the amazement of the ice cream man.

Social media reacts

@mildikoko said:

“It’s the way the people who struggle to survive show the kindest of love that thrills me.”

@am_loydj said:

“Bro,for him to say u will see the blessings Believe you definitely gan see the blessings Giver’s never lack.”

@wytwithyeche said:

“Man didn’t how to go about the singing but didn’t stop him from giving it a try since it’ll make you happy now that’s kindness.”

@ibhade18 said:

“Shebi if the other mumu join am nah you for half an give them . But God don talk say it’s his own blessing he isn’t sharing with anyone.”

@emmypemi said:

“The ones who are less privileged tend to be more kindhearted than this ones wey Don get money small… I don’t know if I’m right shaa.. cos shey that man never sing an for hin wife abi pikin before or that Alhaja too…”

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