Important Things to Note Before Bathing With Hot or Cold Water

How often do you take showers? Do you prefer taking your showers with cold water or with hot water? Did you know that the temperature of water you use has an effect on your health and wellness? Although there isn’t a fixed temp of water that should be used, it is still important for you to know the benefits associated with using a certain temperature of the water.

Knowing this information will help you decide the right type of shower to take for the right situation.
In this article, we will dive into the pros and cons of bathing with either hot or cold water as sourced from Healthline.


Important Things to Note Before Bathing With Hot or Cold Water

Hot water is the most preferred option for some people.
Hot water showers are known to be relaxing and calming.
Taking a shower with hot water is a great way to relieve any cold symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, or chest congestion.
This is because the heat from the hot water helps to remove phlegm, open up your respiratory airways and clear your nasal passages.
After a long day at work or school, taking a hot shower can help to loosen any stiff muscles. It helps to relieve muscle fatigue and ease body tension.

Hot showers are also great for cleansing your skin.
Hot water opens up your pores, this helps in thoroughly cleaning out any buildup of dirt in your skin.

On the flip side, hot showers can lead to skin irritation.
This is because hot showers tend to dry out your skin.
Taking hot showers also prevents your skin cells from getting appropriate moisture and this results in dry skin.
Hot showers, especially at very high temperatures, are not recommended for people with high blood pressure. the temperature of the water can increase your blood pressure and this can result in a critical condition.
Hot water can also make certain conditions worse.
Skin conditions like itching and eczema can be worsened by showering with hot water.


Important Things to Note Before Bathing With Hot or Cold Water

Cold showers aren’t loved by many but there are some who fancy it. In fact, productivity experts believe that taking cold showers helps to boost your productivity.
Setting work and productivity aside, taking a cold water shower actually has immense benefits for your health.
For starters, cold water showers help to increase blood circulation.
The cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict and this results in faster blood circulation.
If you struggle waking up in the morning, then you should consider taking cold showers in the morning.
Taking a cold shower in the morning causes you to wake up by increasing your heart rate and oxygen intake.
Cold water is also very beneficial for healthy skin.
Cold water keeps the sebum layer of your skin moisturized and lubricated, thus protecting your skin.

The con of a cold shower is that it is not suitable if you have a cold.
The cold water can aggravate your cold symptoms.
Taking cold showers while you are sick can negatively impact your immune system.

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