Reasons Most Girl Choose Bad Boys Over The Nice Once

Most girls are always fascinated by the things most bad boys do; showing aggressiveness, not following rules, long hair, tattoos, smoking, restlessness, and so on.

But, seriously! Why do women get attracted to bad boys in particular? What are the reasons? I guess most of you have been wondering why? And if you still wonder that like I usually did in the past, then this article is for you.

Here is what science has to say about this subject:

Reasons Most Girl Choose Bad Boys Over The Nice Once

Do Women Think Smoking and Drinking as Sexually Compelling?

According to a studconducted by Eveline Vincke of Ghent University in Belgium in 2016 she explored the possibility between short-term mating strategy and the use of physically risky behaviors of male youngsters. And guess what?

The findings confirm that it’s true, and it also reveals that women consider physically harmful activities, especially smoking and drinking, as sexually compelling.

Who doesn’t know that smoking and drinking are harmful to our health? But women simply don’t care! They are attracted to people who ruin their own health with lots of bad habits. Isn’t that super weird?

Bad Boys Exhibit Attractiveness, Confidence, and Can-do Attitude

One of the main reasons why women are particularly attracted to bad boys is because they show confidence.

And women just love self-confidence in men. Bad boys are also sportive, adventurous, and up for something new and risky.

Moreso, bad boys really don’t care about what other people think of them.

Bad boys always love to ignore the rules and do what they want to do, no matter how risky it gets.

This don’t care attitude have been found to make them attractive in the eyes of women.

Another interesting fact is the correlation between dangerous behavior and masculinity which is historic, as society still thinks aggressiveness and dominance are attributes of a real man.

That’s why when it comes to dating, confident, damn-care, narcissistic bad boys are always many steps ahead of the so-called nice guys.

Women Feel Secure Around Bad Boys

This is quite obvious, when you are dating a bad guy, you have nothing to fear.

A bad guy is certainly the best bodyguard who can make you feel free and secure.

This is because they will take any risk to protect you in any situation.

According to an article on vice, ‘the same risk-taking becomes just another way for men to demonstrate their power, and women are often told to admire that.’

Moreso the bad boys in most cases are physically fit and attractive.

That’s why women with insecure feelings wish to be around those guys.

Now tell me, when you feel insecure, will you choose any skinny, bright, goggles guy as your protector? Of course, not.

According to Psychologist Forrest Talley, Ph.D., Women desire having someone in their life who is tough enough to face the world and punch back when necessary.

Well, I am not saying all women want a bodyguard around them all day long but when they choose a dating partner, they would certainly prefer guys who show physical attractiveness and damn-care, rough-and-tough, risk-taking attitudes. And the answer to this is the bad boy.

Another study titled ‘Physical Attractiveness and the ‘Nice Guy Paradox’:

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?’ suggests that physical attractiveness is a crucial factor in terms of desirability for more casual, sexual relationships.

But interestingly, niceness is the most salient factor when it comes to a serious relationship.

No Pressure of being ‘Good Girls’

According to an author of the book Smart Girls in the 21st Century: Understanding Talented Girls and Women, Robyn McKay, Girls possess a range of traits, like rebelliousness, these traits are typically repressed during childhood, as females are socialized to be compliant and agreeable.

If a girl’s inner life is unexpressed, she may be drawn to a bad boy as a way of vicariously expressing her own inner rebel.

It’s the thing that most women struggle with all their lives as society wants them to be ‘good girls.’

Bad boys comes to the rescue by setting these women free from the pressure of being the so called ‘good girls’ because they don’t care about good girls but on the contrary, like the ones who are not good in the eye of society.

For your information, most women always admire the sense of freedom bad boys have and offer as they can express their true self (ignoring the pressure of society) when they are with them.

An Insider article suggests that, hormones are a driving force into why women get attracted to certain types of men, especially, bad boys.

It also says that women are more interested in alpha males during ovulation.

Moreover, author Martie Haselton, Ph.D., told the Insider that there is a suite of sexually attractive qualities that women prefer more during their fertile days.

I hope you can see that so many things come into play when a woman falls for a bad boy.

And you know, sometimes women say that they just want to turn the bad ones into good ones with their love and company.

But you should never believe this because it is total nonsense and never really works.

According to Dr. Melancon, Converting a bad boy is a generally impossible situation and if a woman were to succeed in changing him, he would no longer be the bad boy she finds so irresistible.

Now, I believe you are a little enlightened on why most nice guys are single, while the bad boys have all the girls.

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