See the Difference Between Graveyard and Cemetary

Many people usually confuse graveyard for a cemetery but today in this article insurancepull will be letting you know the difference between graveyard and Cemetery.

Many words that are associated with the rites and processes of a funeral are often misused or used interchangeably. Many of the words had specific meanings which helped clarify terms and understand procedures.

One of those pairs of words that are today used synonymously is the terms graveyard vs. cemetery.

Understanding the difference between graveyard and cemetery starts with understanding the meaning of each word separately.

The meaning of cemetery.

See the Difference Between Graveyard and Cemetery

According to “Everyday Health”, A cemetery is a place where the remains of dead people are buried or somehow interred. The word has two distinct origins.

The word is often tied to the ancient Greek word, κοιμητήριον (koimeterion), which meant a sleeping place or dormitory.

Sleep was used as a euphemistic analogy for death. The two became so intertwined that the term was appropriate.

The meaning of graveyard.

See the Difference Between Graveyard and Cemetery

According to”Medicalnewstoday”, Like a cemetery, a graveyard is a place where people are buried after they die.

The etymology of the word is fairly straightforward. The graveyard is a yard filled with graves.

The word “grave” may be traced to the Germanic word “graban” which is translated to dig.

A graveyard was originally affiliated with a church, often built on church grounds. They tend to be smaller due to land limitations.

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