The Story of The Turkish Family That Walk On Both Hands and Legs

In a small village in the Turkish province of Hatay, hidden from the rest of the world, lives a quite unique family.

The Story of The Italian Family That Walk On Both Hands and Legs

The family is made up of father, mother and 19 children.

But only 5 out of the 19 children are different from the rest.

The reason being that those 5 children walk on their feet and palms.

And can only stand upright for a short while, with both knees and head flexed.
The five siblings whom are between the ages of 18 and 34 years have fascinated scientists across the world since they were first discovered in 2005.

The Story of The Italian Family That Walk On Both Hands and Legs

Scientists claim that the reason for their manner of walking is a byproduct of hereditary conditions.

These conditions causes cerebellar hypoplasia, which complicates their sense of balance.

In 2005, British researchers agreed in a separate study that the siblings walk differently because they put their weight on their palms and wrists, and not their knuckles.

Interestingly, parents of the 5 siblings walk normally, and their other 14 siblings are not affected by the condition either.

They spend most of their time sitting outside the family’s basic rural home.

Though 3 out of the 5 siblings have only walked on their two palms and feet, but the other 2 sometimes manage to walk upright.

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