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Things Military Personnel Can’t Do

Just like every other official work in the country, the Nigerian Military are strictly bound by some code of conducts which they must obey, especially while wearing the military uniform.

We are going to look at some of those rules guiding them, and how far the Nigerian Army has tried to live up to those rules.

1. Putting your hands in your pocket:

Things Military Personnel Can't Do

Nigerian soldiers and most soldiers of the world are strictly not allowed to put their hands in their pockets.
This is because it reduces the chances of taking a military action in a case of emergency, and also shows that the soldier is relaxed and not at alert.

2. Walking and taking on a cellphone:

Things Military Personnel Can't Do
Officers in the Nigerian army are not allowed to take calls while walking, but the soldier can stand at a place and take the phone call before moving on to where he or she was going.

This law also applies to people who like to eat while walking or smoke cigarettes while walking, it is highly prohibited while wearing the Army uniform.

3. As a soldier, you cannot carry a designed backpack:

Things Military Personnel Can't Do

Soldiers are not allowed to carry a branded or designed backpack while wearing the army uniform, but they are allowed to carry an all black backpack or the army backpack to match the uniform they are wearing.

4. Wearing the army uniform while not on duty:

Soldiers are not allowed to wear the army uniforms while going about their personal affairs such as holidays, outings, drinking, shopping and a host of others.
If you have to attend these things, you need to get home first and remove your clothes before going about your personal affairs.

However, this rule is not strictly implemented, and that is why we can always see soldiers at public places who are not on duty and wearing the army uniform.

5. Do not protest with the military uniform:

Soldiers are constitutionally allowed to protest, but they are highly prohibited from protesting in the military uniform.

6. Public display of affection:

If you have a wife, a husband, a girlfriend, a boyfriend or a lover in the army, the two of you cannot indulge in a public display of affection as it is also highly prohibited in the army

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