Watch Moment Justin Dean Korra Obidi Husband Confront Her Life on IG. (Video)

Following the news on the trending divorce saga between the popular dancer, Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin Dean, a video of the doctor confronting his wife has surfaced.

Recall that Dr Dean had taken to Instagram to notify the public about his intention of divorcing Korra Obidi a few days after they welcomed their second child; what people thought was a prank and he later confirmed that it was a serious matter while stating reasons why he cannot continue.

In light of this, a snippet from the Instagram live video of Justin Dean goes a long way to show that all is not well with the couple as they could be seen exchanging words in the clip.

Korra Obidi in the video could be heard asking him why he was doing this and Dean on his part dared her to repeat the statement which she didn’t.

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