Watch Ukraine Shoot Down Russian Helicopter. (Video)

As Russia continues its massive invasion of Ukraine, a video has shown how a Russian Mi-24 helicopter gunship was shot down by Ukrainian forces.

The video shows a toRussian Mi-24 attack helicopter flying at a low altitude before a surface to air missile fired by Ukrainian forces hits the helicopter causing it to explode in flames and crash.

Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Helicopter. (Video)

This development comes after Russia captured Kherson, a city in Ukraine, in an apparent bid to seize control of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

The Russian military have waged an intense war on cities in Ukraine, engaging in heavy artillery bombardment, missile attacks and dropping of cluster munitions on buildings.

Several reports have also revealed that Stinger surface to air missiles and Javelin antitank guided missiles have been received by Ukraine which has empowered its military to destroy Russian armoured vehicles, tanks and aircrafts.

Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Helicopter. (Video)

The United States, United Kingdom and European Union have carried out a new round of sanctions aimed at imposing severe costs on Moscow for invading Ukraine.

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