What to Do If Your Boyfriend Asks You For Your πud€

Relationship this days is always s£xu@l and don’t be surprised when your boyfriend asks you for your πud€.

When you are in a committed relationship, you trust your partner and you are ready to do anything for him or her.

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Asks You For Your πud€

But in some situations, especially when asking for n@ked pictures, trusting your partner is not advisable.

Your privacy is crucial and shouldn’t be shared with anyone you haven’t married or engaged with.

There have been numerous situations where πud€ of ladies got leaked.

These usually happen among celebrities.

Women send their πud£ pictures to their boyfriends because they trust them.

Some even do it to prevent heartbreak.

And most times, the pictures end up getting leaked by the guys either for blackmailing or as an act of revenge after the breakup.

As I said earlier, trust has a limit.

Even if your husband asks for it, it’s not advisable to send it to him.

This type of situation is also common in a long-distance relationship.

Men require intimate pictures of their partner for intimacy satisfaction and fun.

If you are in a long-distance relationship and your boyfriend asks for your intimate pictures, don’t abuse him or yell at him.

Tell him to come over for marriage and see what he is demanding on the phone physically.

If he insists on the picture, don’t send it to him.

You can ask him why he needs the pictures, but still, don’t send them to him. Always protect your privacy.

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