What To Do When Being Intimidated By a Cultist.

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by a cultist.

Do not hesitate one second to give that cultist a screaming NO.
Once you have been able to give this firm decisive NO, he will definitely find it difficult to come back to you but if he comes back he will adopt another strategy and that is by coming with intimidation and threats to deal with you, what do you do in such a situation?

Again, reiterate your earlier stand and still say NO to his antics of intimidation and threats.
You will do well to inform him that you will report him to the security agents on campus.
You are therefore advised at this juncture to report immediately to the security Department, also lodge your complain to the Dean of student affairs, to the students union Government, your report will be treated with dispatch and in confidence.

There’s nothing supernatural about cult members except that they adopt the old tactics of their “Grand Master” the Devil who uses fear to defeat his victims.
Fear is a powerful psychological energizer, it can also be a great demolisher.
Members of secret cults seem to understand and appreciate the impact of this elementary psychology and indeed use it to the fullest.
An important aspect of this operation is to therefore strike fear and terror into the minds of fellow students in other to destabilize and demobilize them.
It is therefore not surprising that students are afraid even to mention the names of secret cult members for fear of being found out and subsequently victimized.

 My dear students, if you stand your ground consistently by resisting them, they will be afraid of you.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you. If there’s anything about secret cult members, it is that they are ever afraid.

But one thing working to their advantage is the general fear that pervades society about them, that you cannot say no to their demands.
This is completely fallacy, there’s no truth in this approach.

Even before they approach you, they are already afraid, because they cannot predict your reaction.
Therefore, your reaction should be a firm NO.

They might slap you but that is mere intimidation. Anyways, better take a slap today and say NO than to join their death trap.
This is because if you allow that slap to intimidate you into joining, there will be more horrible things waiting for that individual during their initiation ceremony that includes amongst others macheting, severe beating, roasting, blood drinking e. t. c. You are therefore warned, advised and discouraged to resist them when they come to you with their lies to join them.

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